Russ Harrington Antique Toys Eagle Specializing in the repair and restoration of mechanical and still banks & iron toys.
Russ Harrington Antique Toys

uss Harrington Antique Toys provides a service to collectors where we can repair broken iron toys and banks. After repairs are completed, the repaired area is then in-painted and blended to the original paint.

We can often remove over paint from a toy or bank and bring it back to its original condition. This is a time consuming job and where every job doesn't warrant the effort, better items are well worth the expense.

Another service offered is complete restoration of toys and banks. Often a piece has so little paint remaining that it requires repainting. The finished job can be left in a near mint condition or aged to condition of a played with toy.

Nickel plating of original or replacement parts is available at a nominal cost.

The proper cleaning of a toy can enhance its value greatly. We use the utmost care in cleaning of your prized toy or bank. Several tried and true procedures are used and the results are usually outstanding. As always, we will provide a guaranteed quote after seeing the toy to be cleaned.

Russ Harrington Antique Toys can be reached by phone between 9:00a.m. and 10:00p.m. (E.S.T.) at 1-410-687-8596 or by fax at 1-410-687-8733 or anytime via E-Mail at

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