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uss Harrington Antique Toys tries to maintain a large selection of iron toys and mechanical banks for sale. We cater to the private collector as well as to dealers. We feel that our prices are very competitive. Our stock constantly rotates, but we usually have a nice selection of mechanical banks, fire toys, carriages, commercial toys, and some automotive toys.

We will, from time to time, feature selected pieces on our web site.

Photos of our stock are only a click away on your computer. We can digitally photograph any item and have it ready for your screen in 15 minutes. We ship 5 days a week and offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed with your purchase.

Name Description
and Quality
Image (Click for larger) Price
2nd Regiment Ambulance
c. 1905, nickel plated version, cast iron, enclosed van body embossed "2nd Regiment" on sides, red spoke wheels, drawn by two horse team. 15" l SOLD
Carpenter #33 pumper
Manufacturer:Carpenter Mfg. Co
This pumper is 100 % original. This version did not come with a rear boiler tender man. SOLD
Carpenter #53 pumper
Manufacturer:Carpenter Mfg. Co
This pumper is 19 inches in length and both driver & boiler tender are original. The toy is 100 % original with outstanding paint. $1700
Carpenter Delivery wagon
Manufacturer:Carpenter mfg. Co.
This delivery wagon comes with the original wood block, seat, footrest and driver. It has a load of period barrels. The toy is 16 inches in length.One horse leg is slightly bent but otherwise a fine example. SOLD
Carpenter Pumper 53 This pumper is 19 inches in length and both driver & boiler tender are original. The toy has been restored to original played with condition. SOLD
Carpenter Tally-Ho
Carpenter Toys Port Chester, New York – Circa 1885. The "Tally Ho" is without any doubt the quintessential passenger conveyance vehicle ever made. It is the Holy Grail of Horse drawn Toys that every serious collector hopes to acquire one day. The toy is 27" long and is in very nice condition. $9750
Dent Back to Back trap
Manufacturer:Dent Hardware Co.
This back to back trap is very rare and seldom seen for sale. It is 13" in length and all 3 figures are original. The paint has minimal chipping and is quite attractive. $2550
Dent Landau
Manufacturer:Dent Hardware Co.
This Landau is a copy of the very popular landaus of the day. Paint is all original. One minor repair to the undercarriage and it is invisible. Driver is original. $1000
Harris Doctor's cart SOLD
Manufacturer:Harris Mfg. Co
This Doctor's cart is 11 1/2" in length and retains the original doctor figure. There are no repairs and the paint is bright.950 SOLD
Harris Fire chief
Manufacturer:Harris Toy Co.
This 100% original chief & wagon is 12 in. in length. Stenciled "Chief' is still bright. Horse "bobs" up & down by means of the offset wheel under the horse. SOLD
Hubley 3 Seat Brake
One of the most desirable of the Hubley horse drawn toy line, nice color combination of green and red. $3250
Hubley Back to Back trap
Manufacturer:Hubley Mfg. Co.
This trap is all original including the figures and is 13" in length. The paint is strong and bright. A tough toy to find in any condition, and this one is nice. SOLD
Hubley Cab SOLD
Manufacturer:Hubley Mfg. Co.
This Hubley Cab is 100% original and has bright paint throughout. It measures 14" in length. It comes with it's original derby hatted driver.975 SOLD
Hubley Gladiator Chariot. SOLD
Manufacturer:Hubley Mfg. Co.
This chariot has the articulating horses and has the original gladiator. The horses prance nicely and the paint is original and bright. SOLD
Hubley Royal Circus Bandwagon
Manufacturer:Hubley Mfg. Co.
This is the full size Royal Circus Bandwagon. It is in exceptional condition with all musicians present and original. It is 100% original including the cotton reins. $6500
Hubley Royal Circus Cage (white 4 horse) White cage with 2 polar bears, 4 horses and original driver. VG condition SOLD
Hubley Royal Circus Cage Blue Blue Cage in very nice condition with 4 horses and original driver SOLD
Hubley Royal Circus Cage Blue with Parade Horses Large blue cage with parade horses, 2 rhinos, and original driver. VG cond SOLD
Hubley Royal Circus Farmer Van Rhino wagon / Farmer Van with original figure and parade horses Vg cond SOLD
Hubley Royal Circus Large Bandwagon
Large Bandwagon with original figures wearing black uniforms. $6000
Hubley Royal Circus Large Calliope Original driver and original piano player. $1500
Hubley Royal Circus Rhino Wagon Excellent condition difficult to find toy with original driver and rear tailgate $2250
Hubley Royal Circus Trapeze Van Non mechanical version of large mirrored van with clown on trapeze. Pulled by parade horses. Original driver. Available with your choice of an original clown in good condition, or a repainted clown in better condition. SOLD
Ives circus car
Year:circa 1900
Manufacturer:Ives Mfg. Co
This circus car was sold separately and meant to be used with several different Ives floor trains. It is 100% original including the original "Baby" elephant. It is 6 3/4" in length. This toy is prized by circus collectors $1150
Ives Clockwork Pumper
Classic rare Ives clockwork pumper. Clockwork mechanism works perfectly and runs forever. Circa 1880s this is a must have toy for any horse drawn collector or fire collector $2000 or best offer $2000
Ives Hansom Cab
Manufacturer:The Ives Mfgf. Co.
This Hansom cab is all original, including the driver. The shaft is made to pivot so that the child could remove the horse and play with him separately. The paint is deep and glossy. Most of these Hansom cabs have a broken or repaired shaft. This one does not. It is 14 " in length. SOLD
Kenton buckboard
Manufacturer:Kenton hardware Co.
This little buckboard comes with the original driver in yellow coat. The horses are bright and trimmed in traditional Kenton silver. Paint on carriage is bright and thick. This most attractive toy is 12 inches in length. SOLD
Kenton #4 Hose Wagon
Kenton "Hose" Wagon – Small -Kenton Hardware Company Kenton, Ohio – Circa 1910 This toy is extremely rare. There are probably less than 15 known specimens. The vehicle was used to carry the heavy hose to the fire. The toy is about 13" long. $1500
Kenton Stanhope Gig with Alphonse Nodder
100% original Kenton Stanhope Gig with whimsical "Nodder" figure of Alphonse from american comic strip Alphonse and Gaston. $1000
Marx Toytown Express Van Lines truck(s)
Year:circa 1950
Manufacturer:Luis Marx & Co. Inc.
These two Marx toys are new old store stock and immaculate. The blue chassis is plastic and the red & white chassis is pressed steel. I assume they are from the same time period as the truck boxes are identical with the same trademark logos. SOLD
Rare Early Hubley Hook and Ladder
Extremely rare and one of the earliest Ladder Wagons produced circa 1890. Only several of these are known to exist. There is a companion to this toy which is the aerial wagon which is equally as rare $2750
T-Shirt Harrington Antique Toys T-shirt featuring the Ives pumper logo XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL White shirt has black design, and black shirt has white logo $15
Wilkins doctor cart
Manufacturer:Wilkins Mfg. Co.
This Doctor card is the smallest of the series. It is i12" in length. It is all original with bright paint. $420
Wilkins Ladder Wagon $1150
Cabin Bank
Manufacturer:J&E Stevens
Chief Big Moon
Manufacturer:J&E Stevens
Darktown Battery SOLD $
Elephant with Howdah Man pops out $
Manufacturer:J. & E. Stevens Co.
A coin is placed below the Magicians hat and when the lever is depressed the hat comes down covering the coin. In the meantime a circular plate drops down allowing the coin to be deposited. This example is bright. The "flocking" on the steps has been replaced with genuine flocking. $1800
Mule Entering Barn
Manufacturer:J&E Stevens
Nice all original Mule Entering Barn with great action and strong bright paint. $1500
Owl Turns Head SOLD
Manufacturer:J. & E. Stevens Co.
This example is in excellent condition , retaining the original glass eyes and coin trap. A coin is placed on the green leaf next to his head. When the lever is pushed, the head turns allowing the coin to fall through. SOLD
Paddy and the Pig
Manufacturer:J&E Stevens
All original including the pigs leg $1200
Punch & Judy bank
Manufacturer:Sheppard Hardware Co.
This Punch & Judy has the original base plate and is in strong bright paint $1950
Santa @ Chimney bank
Manufacturer:Sheppard Hardware Co.
This Santa bank has had the red brickwork inhanced but is all original- no repairs. $1500
Trick Dog
Manufacturer:Hubley Mfg, Co.
This bank is a bit unusul in that the clown is yellow. The bank is all original including the trap and key. This one is from a large collection and held for many years SOLD


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